Ensure a ‘Win-Win’ for your Customers and the Agents Who Serve Them

Knowledge Management

Ensure a ‘Win-Win’ for your Customers and the Agents Who Serve Them

Knowledge Management ensures the content that is accessible via self-service channels is well-written, well-organized and is the right information, delivered to the right parties, at the right time, across all channels and communication touchpoints.

Fast-Track Your Customers to the Information They Want

Today, most customers expect organizations to have a self-service option as part of their customer experience. The key to a positive and highly effective self-service experience is a sound knowledge management system (KMS).

If optimized a knowledge management system can render self-service channels highly effective, expedite time to issue resolution and create a highly rewarding customer experience.

Compelling case for knowledge management

The compelling case for Knowledge Management is borne out by the statistics

Features and Benefits

Top Benefits of Enghouse Interactive’s Knowledge Management Practice

Big Savings

Realize Big Savings

Projected annual savings of $1-3 million, using enhanced self-service in a knowledge management system.

Optimize CX

Optimize CX

Using data analytics, diagnose and address usability, to enhance self-service process flows and improve the customer experience.

AI Insights/Voice of the Customer

Retain Corporate Tribal Knowledge

Proper content creation and curation prevents the loss of valuable knowledge.

Maximize FCR

Sharing information and lessons learned with agents and supervisors enables them to resolve more issues in the first call.

reduce costs

Lower Support Costs

Deflecting calls from real-time interactions to relevant sources of information reduces transactional support costs from dollars to pennies.

workforce management

Free-up Your Agents

Enabling customers to self-help via easy access to relevant information, enables agents to focus on higher level issue resolution.

Rapid Playback

On average, a Knowledge Management System pays for itself in 6-8 months.

Leverage Best Practices

Expert Content Management technicians create, optimize and curate content to help drive more self-service adoption and usage.

Customized Solutions

We audit, assess and design the KMS solution that’s right for you.

Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options

Enghouse private cloud
Enghouse multi-tenant cloud
Enghouse hybrid
Enghouse on-prem deployment

Enghouse Solutions

Contact center

Call Center Solutions

Enghouse Contact Center software solutions provide all the functionality you need, with the flexibility you demand. More…

Outbound communications

Outbound Communications

Proactively engage with customers, partners, suppliers, via agents or using agentless outbound notifications, while ensuring all regulatory obligations are respected. More…


Customer Self-Service

Help customers help themselves and easily enable them to zero out to an agent for more complex needs. Includes IVR, speech recognition, and voice biometrics. More…

Audio branding

Audio Branding

Ensure all customer touchpoints are professionally scripted and recorded in HD Audio. Over 30 languages are available. More…

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Knowledge Management
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