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The media industry is ever-changing. As organizations adjust to new market realities, customer engagement solutions are needed to ensure that customers get the services they need.

Enghouse Interactive’s solutions deliver innovative and effective automation that personalizes self-service interactions across voice, video, chat, SMS, social, email, web, and apps. From anywhere. At any time. Using any device.

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The contact center is now more important than ever for media organizations, it is the “face of the company” for subscribers, contributors, analysts and pundits. Publishers know that keeping them engaged throughout the customer experience and delivering the service they expect, via self-service or live agents, is the key to nurturing, and extending that relationship.

Providing the personalized services that callers expect requires increasingly advanced technology, yet publishers are simultaneously facing financial challenges. Fortunately, cloud-based technologies have proven to be very cost-effective, enabling organizations using them to be agile and flexible in meeting ever changing business realities, while helping free up IT departments.

From the traditional DTMF IVR to advanced voice recognition and Conversational AI-powered IVRs interacting across today’s most popular digital channels, media companies can provide the same service levels as the consumer-focused, non-media companies they’re being compared to.

Opex Flexibility Beats Relying on Capital Investment

Within the Media industry, communications and collaboration requirements were relatively basic for many years. But the new realities of ‘always on’ communications and today’s interconnected world have transformed those expectations. New digital and cloud-based technologies – available as expense line items – reduce the need for capital budgets, eliminate maintenance and upgrade expenses, and ensure there are no surprises with product obsolescence, upgrade issues, system downtime, or major outages. As an added benefit, business continuity capabilities are embedded by-design within cloud-based services, which ensures that media organizations can maintain communications whenever they need to, regardless of the situation at hand.

By continuously working towards maintaining higher levels of responsiveness, improving communications and collaboration while benefiting from the increased flexibility that digital technology provides, makes the investment in digital technologies a key operational and customer engagement strategy win.

Use Cases
Meeting Internal and External Needs at Public Sector Organizations
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Use Case
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Case
Subscribers Expect that Communications are Digital - whether Mobile or Website
Applied Solution

Subscribers are provided with a range of digital self-service options, enabling them to interact with Converstional-AI powered IVRs. Escalation to helpful staff is always available. Subscribers can trigger a call or digital session from the web. Segmentation ensures proper personalization and prioritization queues. AI Insights tracks their ‘customer journey’ and updates the CRM so that any changes to the info. They access can be updated. Customers can be proactively notified using VoicePort Messaging via the digital channel they prefer. The Chatbot is easily taught when it did not automate a process properly.

Use Case
Subscription payment reminders, delivery holds or cancellations
Applied Solution

Customers are provided with a range of digital self-service options, enabling them to interact with IVRs and Chatbots to simplify modification or follow-ups re: their account status. Up-to-date account information can be provided by integration with the automated payment system – PCI compliant payments can be processed, with data protection assured. Outbound Notification or VoicePort Messaging sends payment reminders and manages the other payment related processes.

Use Case
Proactive Outbound Communications or Emergency Notification
Applied Solution

Proactive communications can be disseminated using Outbound Notification or VoicePort Messaging. All communications and acknowledgements can be recorded, Content Analyzer can monitor for specific trigger words and phrases to set up prompt action or follow-ups. In an emergency, Outbound Notifications can be sent to staff, security personnel and local authorities. Using IOT Processor, lock down actions can be triggered to further enhance security.

Use Case
Order Confirmation, Voice and Screen Based Communications, Notifications
Applied Solution

Enghouse Connect or Microsoft Teams integrated with Cloud Contact Center for collaboration across the organization and back-office. Orders – voice and screen based info – are recorded by QMS for Cloud with indexing for easy retrieval and playback. CRM is automatically updated with customer activity. Outbound Notification engages customers for payment, PCI-enabled for privacy and security.

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