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All Enterprises are Unique. Their Needs Are as Well.

Each has its own approach to customer engagement, which is foundational to its success. How they service their customers is viewed – both internally and by their customers – as part of their DNA. Each touchpoint is an important differentiator in how they satisfy their customer’s ever-increasing expectations. Those expectations include access to the latest technologies and intuitive interfaces, which provide quick and simplified access to the information or support they need, as quickly as possible.

Advanced customer experience (CX) technologies can help Enterprises by increasing organizational communications and collaboration, while simultaneously enhancing operational flexibility and delivering continuous improvement across the organization. These easily implemented solutions are built to address all needs but are easily configured to deliver the unique experiences each customer expects.

Geo-redundant Contact Center Solutions. Deployed Globally. Managed Locally.

Deliver the Services Your Customers Expect. With Minimal Ongoing Management and Oversight

An enterprise call center or enterprise contact center should deliver best-in-class capabilities and operational uptime. Enterprises expect reliability, responsiveness, and flexible tools to administer and support their contact center operations no matter the situation. They expect to consistently deliver efficient and effective customer service, across multiple channels and geographies, with exceedingly high volumes of calls on an hourly basis. Simultaneously, they expect that these solutions should easily adapt to emerging needs and evolve its capabilities while keeping operational costs at a minimum. With the rapid evolution of technologies driven by consumer adoption of digital communications, customer expectations have exponentially increased across all aspects of the Customer Journey – from first contact to issue resolution. An enterprise-grade Contact Center must focus on facilitating and improving all customer interactions, while also providing the agents with the tools and support to make that possible.

Use Cases
Efficiently Resolving Complex Enterprise - As Needed
Employees in large contact center
Use Cases
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Cases
Deliver Premium Customer Experience with complex servicing needs, high volume
Applied Solution

Cloud deployed Contact Center Enterprise with full omni-channel capabilities, provided improved customer experience via AudioBranding professionally scripted HD audio IVR greetings and Vm prompts, and used Self-Service (chatbots) to instantaneously provide right info from Knowledge Management platform, keeping customer profiles updated with CRM integration, appending QMS call recordings of customer directives/orders with indexing, flags unauthorized commitments or policy issues, triggers pre-defined remediation. Recordings encrypted.

Use Cases
Merging geographically dispersed platforms, centralizing management
Applied Solution

Hybrid deployment, integrating numerous PBX and UC platforms from diverse vendors into a blended Contact Center Enterprise + UC solution. Added advanced collaboration capabilities to older tech including SMS and webchat, used Proteus for operational analytics to optimize resource utilization and decommission unused assets.

Use Cases
Improving Agent Performance for Customer Experience Optimization
Applied Solution

Geographically dispersed Contact Center Enterprise agents, regionally managed, were consolidated. SmartQuality used to consistently assess and ranking agents uniformly across the organization. It helped identify training gaps, improve agent engagement, performance and morale. Leveraged Microsoft Teams to better engage agent teams across regions.

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