Accelerating the Evolution of Customer Experience (CX)

Enghouse Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating the Evolution of Customer Experience (CX)

Deliver superior CX by converting contact center data into actionable insights designed to better coach and evaluate your agents, and better understand and delight your customers.

Understand the needs and expectations of your customers

– and your agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pivotal to developing actionable customer intelligence and optimizing the experience throughout the customer journey. While at the same time, it can also empower your agents to deliver superior customer service and build empathic engagement.

The average contact center today collects data from thousands of daily interactions across various channels – voice, email, SMS, social media, and webchat. Using this data is key to drawing accurate conclusions around your customers’ needs and preferences as well as your agents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Being able to interpret these interactions easily and accurately is essential for your organization to know what corrective actions to take to address what matters most to your customers and deliver the coaching that ensures your agents are efficient and effective.

The bottom line? Your organization will deliver richer and more compelling customer experiences (CX) than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence

Top Advantages of Enghouse Artificial Intelligence

Standalone or Integrated

Can be used on a standalone basis, fully integrated with your survey management tools, Enghouse Interactive or 3rd-party contact center solutions

Flexibility and Scalability

Manage ongoing data inflows or regularly scheduled analyses, locally or globally

Accuracy of Derived Insights

Innovative hybrid machine learning, proprietary algorithms, industry-specific lexicons

Usable Where ever Required

Intuitive graphical reports, definitive insights, transparency of analysis


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HD video-based agent development.

SmartQuality product


Comprehensive and consistent AI-Enabled agent evaluation.

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