Teams, Cisco, Avaya and Ribbon Call Management Consoles

Attendant Console

Teams, Cisco, Avaya and Ribbon Call Management Consoles

Respond. Route. Track. Accelerate Call Handling and Improve Service Levels. Make positive and professional impressions, even when managing high call volumes. Reduce call abandonment rates and lower the overall cost of service, while providing consistently prompt and professional service for your UC/UCaaS or PBX based communications infrastructure.

Industry-leading Attendant Consoles

From the first point of contact, to making sure a customer reaches the right person, providing your team with the tools to identify, prioritize and route calls every time is essential. The reality of pervasive remote working and hybrid work environments, has far reaching impacts, including how to ensure that customers are properly served, even when no-one is in the actual office.

With more than 25 years of success in developing and enhancing the world’s most widely deployed attendant console solutions, it’s evident that fast and accurate call handling is of utmost importance in creating an exceptional first impression. Enghouse Attendant Console solutions combine flexible call handling features with comprehensive directory and presence information, ensuring that the front office can manage and dispatch interactions to the correct persons quickly and efficiently, no matter they may be located- locally or globally.


Enghouse Attendant Console

Easy to Use

Combining intuitive call handling with powerful unified communications capabilities ensures improved productivity and a better customer experience.

Never Miss a Call

Single click shortcuts and intuitive capabilities optimize call flows and routing/redirections, with presence indicating whether or not an individual is currently available.

Optimize and Extend

Highly reliable software solutions are created for, and integrate with your existing PBX, Unified Communications, XaaS cloud, and mixed-switch environments.


From a single console deployment to a multi-tenant deployment with thousands of consoles, including enterprises with over 100,000 contacts.


Superior Call Handling Capabilities

Whether you expect your receptionist to provide a high-quality caller experience, or your needs are more complex Enghouse Attendant Console solutions are reliable, intuitive, cost-effective, and scalable.

Intelligent Call Queuing

Powerful queuing engines identify and route calls to the most appropriate resource. Real-time status information ensures calls can be answered without delay.

Support Multi-company Sites

Intuitive interface enables local or geographically dispersed operators to manage calls efficiently and quickly at a single-site or across highly complex multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-language environments.

Presence Enabled Directory

Powerful directory features provide access to centralized, comprehensive contact information. Contact data is easily maintained with directory integration.

Flexible Rules

Treat calls or queues differently depending on applied business rules. Increase customer service levels by providing high-value customers priority over less urgent calls, play different status greetings depending on originating queue or destination, or route calls to a specific office based on time zone.

Contact Center

Personalized Customer Service

Use caller ID and screen-pop directory information to greet the caller by name and quickly establish the likely reasons for the call.


Enghouse Solutions

Audio branding

Audio Branding

Ensure all customer touchpoints are professionally scripted and recorded in HD Audio to make sure they are as professional as possible. Over 30 languages are available. More…

Outbound communications

Outbound Communications

Proactively engage with customers, partners, suppliers, via agents or using agentless outbound notifications, while ensuring all regulatory obligations are respected. More…



Used as a call center quality-monitoring program to continually assess the performance of your underlying applications, and infrastructure. More…

Recording and quality management

Recording and Quality Management

Protect your customers and your organization with HD call recording, keyword indexing, timestamping, and encryption. Optimize agent coaching, training, and performance. More…

Artificial intelligence

AI Insights

Listen, Understand and Act on what your customers are saying. Optimize processes, services, and solutions based on real customer inputs. More…

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Attendant Console
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