Contact center solutions for small business
Running a Small Business is Complex and Diverse

Smaller businesses never have the exact amount of resources required to optimally run their business. From finding new customers – by increasing overall market awareness of your offerings – to dealing with and maintaining a proper relationship with them by keeping them abreast of new developments, offers, and services – Small Businesses need to manage the use of resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. Something to consider is automation. It can be the key to being profitable and enabling your business to grow as quickly as you would like… on your terms. Advanced technologies simplify and accelerate your ability to reach those prospects and customers, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine what they need and expect, which can be the key to increased success. The optimal approach is to selectively add the capabilities that can help you now, while developing the customer information that has the potential to further propel your success in the future.

Advanced Contact Center Capabilities Right-Sized for you

Use Advanced Call Center Functionality to Meet Customer Needs Better Than The Competition

At its most basic level, a Contact Center focused on delivering value to small businesses should enable them to offer outstanding service across all channels to every customer ensuring an opportunity to get through to the right person, with the right information, resolving their issue the first time.

Deliver excellent customer service to your external or internal customers requires a fully-featured, integrated solution that empowers your team to meet every need. Whether you see your team as a small contact center, a call center, or a help desk, your business requires the right tools to manage call distribution equitably and to efficiently deliver calls to the person who has the appropriate skills, or authority, to resolve the customer’s issue.

A small business focused solution should be modular, which can scale upwards from five agents, while optimizing customer engagement, agent empowerment, and management. A modular approach will enable small businesses to pick and mix the functions they need to build the solution that suits their needs, not just for managing the customer engagement experience, but for easily adding functionality if, when and how required.

Additional capabilities for small business Call Centers and Help Desks include

Attendant consoles, AI-enabled self-service, IVR solutions, omnichannel communications queuing and skills-based routing, inbound and outbound campaign management, agent reporting, agent performance evaluation and scorecards, call-recording, regulatory compliance tools.

Use Cases
Effective Small Business Solutions – Easily Implement. More Easily Used.
Contact center employee speaking to customer
Use Cases
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Cases
Prioritizing Campaign Responsiveness, reducing repetitive calls
Applied Solution

Cloud deployed Communications Center with full omni-channel capabilities, provided ability to prioritize calls from dedicated 1-800 numbers related to campaigns, all other calls treated by local agents. Repetitive and basic info needs routed by IVR. Customer profiles and orders updated in the CRM.

Use Cases
Order Desk taking Credit Card Payments Need to retain confirmation of voice orders
Applied Solution

Hybrid deployment, integrated Unified Communications with Communications Center for both communications and collaboration capabilities. Voice orders recorded by QMS for Cloud with indexing for easy retrieval and playback. CRM updated with customer activity. PCI-DSS enabled to preserve customer privacy and security of credit card details.

Use Cases
Limited Licenses, Around the Clock Needs Remote agents enabled
Applied Solution

Concurrent License enables different shifts to share licenses when hours don’t overlap. Agent licenses are allocated by the unit, for 10 agents, five of whom use voice-only licenses & five use multichannel licenses that give them access to voice, email, and chat.

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