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Making the Right Choices to Move the Company Forward

For Medium size businesses, the question of how best to move forward creates a lot of internal tension. Technology and service decisions made in the past helped establish the company and grow into the success it is today. But those approaches may now prevent the company from achieving its much greater potential. Today’s decisions and the trade-offs required become much more important – because now, the costs are more significant as are the potential impacts of those decisions. This requires a shift from the tactical to the strategic. From the immediate to the longer-term view.

Medium-size businesses have well established processes and procedures, with underlying workflows that have been refined over time to be as efficient and effective as possible. Decisions about new technologies that can help grow the company are best considered from the point of view of how they enhance, simplify, and accelerate the existing capabilities and workflows without breaking them, to deliver the services that customers expect.


Take a Holistic View

Starting with a Call Center and evolving it for the future need not be a painful process. By leveraging today’s open standards, applications architectures, and off-the-shelf API’s – the technology that is currently in place can have its life cycle extended by using a complementary approach. Termed a ‘hybrid deployment‘ more advanced applications including Call Recording, Quality Management, Self-Service and Artificial Intelligence can be delivered from the cloud, while call completion, skilled based routing and other basic tasks can still be done by the legacy technology. Using this approach helps organizations grow and limits the impact on its capital and operating budgets. New technology. Low costs. The best of all worlds.

When ready, you can transition to a full cloud deployment, and take advantage of a fully featured, integrated solution that empowers your team to meet every need.

A growth minded organization will quickly see the capabilities, and the advantages of, a more advanced communications and collaboration solution that can easily scale from 50 to 2500 agents, while optimizing customer engagement, agent empowerment, and overall management.

Additional capabilities growing organizations typically include: Artificial Intelligence, chatbot-enabled self-service including enhanced/mobile IVR solutions, full omnichannel communications including queuing and skills-based routing, proactive outbound communications for inbound and outbound campaign management, customer survey tools and analysis tools, agent engagement and management training, visual dashboard operational reporting, real-time agent performance evaluation, call-recording and quality monitoring, regulatory compliance tools, speech-recognition, voice biometrics, and real-time speech analytics.

Use Cases
Driving Organizational Growth – and Extend Tech Life
Female call center employee
Use Cases
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Cases
Investment Portfolio Order Confirmation Voice and Screen based communications
Applied Solution

Hybrid deployment, integrated Unified Communications with Communications Center for both communications and collaboration capabilities. Voice orders recorded by QMS for Cloud with indexing for easy retrieval and playback. CRM updated with customer activity. PCI-DSS enabled to preserve customer privacy and security of credit card details.

Use Cases
Improving Agent Performance for Customer Experience Optimization, Using Office365 and Microsoft Teams
Applied Solution

Geographically dispersed Communications Center agents, regionally managed, were consolidated. SmartQuality used to consistently assess and ranking agents uniformly across the organization. It helped identify training gaps, improve agent engagement, performance and morale. Leveraged Teams to better engage agent teams across regions.

Use Cases
Deliver Premium Customer Experience with complex servicing needs, high volume
Applied Solution

Cloud deployed Communications Center with full omni-channel capabilities, provided improved customer experience via AudioBranding professionally scripted HD audio IVR greetings and Vm prompts, and used Self-Service (chatbots) to instantaneously provide right info from Knowledge Management platform, keeping customer profiles updated with CRM integration, appending QMS call recordings of customer directives/orders with full indexing, flags unauthorized commitments or policy issues, triggers pre-defined remediation. Recordings are time stamped and can be encrypted.

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