Reach Out and Connect with The Right One

Predictive Dialer

Reach Out and Connect with The Right One

Maximize customer contact with a proactive, predictive dialer - minimize downtime while maximizing outbound communications to increase productivity and success

What is a Predictive Dialer?

It is an automated software solution that helps ensure your call center agents can contact the right people, at the time they prefer, on the devices they use, while respecting all regulations and restrictions associated with contacting customers for any reason.

SmartDial is Enghouse Interactive’s predictive dialer solution which can benefit any organization that needs to reach customers, prospects, citizens, or employees by phone or digital media.

Outbound Communications

How is a predictive dialer used?

A predictive dialer can help drive significant operational savings, simplify the customer experience (CX) while reducing Average Hold Time (AHT). It automates the initial customer engagement process by complementing your call center IVR with predictive dialing as the first customer point of contact with your organization. Integrate with your CRM to ensure all calls are noted in the customer file to ensure your customer profiles are as complete as possible.

Why choose a cloud-hosted predictive dialer software versus an on-prem predictive dialer?

By using a cloud-hosted predictive dialer, your organization can benefit from reduced up-front costs (no capital required) and the elimination of ongoing maintenance and support costs. Your organization would also benefit from centralized management including security and privacy updates.

How does SmartDial predictive dialer ensure regulatory compliance

The Enghouse Interactive Predictive Dialing solution is continuously developed, tested, and refined keeping a strong focus on existing and emerging industry regulations – compliance is always top-of-mind.


Compliance features included in Enghouse Interactive SmartDial predictive dialing software

Regulatory Compliance

Opt-In and Opt-Out configuration allows the automatic maintenance of opt-in and out-out lists.

Real-time Collaboration

Legal Calling Hour Control only permits calls during legal calling hours based on time of day, zip codes, and area codes.

Cell Scrub* compares each account phone number against the most current cell number database provided by third parties.

Recording and Quality Management

Do Not Call** List Scrub compares each account phone number against the most current 3rd-party National Do Not Call registry.

Insights and Analytics

Abandon Rate Control keeps track of the call disposition/abandon rate per call list, ensuring the rate defined isn’t exceeded.

VM, AMD and Transfer tracks maximum time to id either a VM or person online, and if a person, transfers the call to an agent.

Maximum Counters keep track of the disposition of every call, respecting the maximum number that can be made per contact.

Call Recording includes the capability of recording, indexing, and storing dialer-based calls connected to agents.


The advantages of Enghouse Interactive Predictive Dialing solutions

Interactive Digital

Provides Additional Dialing Algorithms

Includes powerful dialing algorithms such as Manual, Preview, and Power programs.

Agent or Agentless Outbound Notification Capabilities

Run fully automated campaigns with the need for agents, can route to an agent if required.

Unique – Native Integration to AmazonConnect™

Uses AmazonConnect desktop interface application for intuitive, simplified control of all predictive dialing capabilities as required.


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Predictive Dialer
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