Private cloud options
Private cloud deployment
Private Cloud

Provides a fully virtualized solution dedicated to a single customer, fully optimized for their specific needs. Private Cloud’s deployments can be hosted on-premises, in the customer’s preferred data center, on an independent cloud provider’s infrastructure, or built on rented infrastructure housed off-site. Private Cloud deployments can be managed by the customer or outsourced on a partial or full management basis to a service provider.

Advantages of Private Cloud Deployments
Multi-Tenant Cloud

Delivers fully virtualized solutions, deployed on industry-leading infrastructure providers for unmatched reliability, resilience, and performance. Enables multiple organizations to share the most advanced technologies and globally available infrastructure on a very cost-effective basis. ISO27001 Security Certification applies to our Multi-Tenant Hosted and Cloud solutions when deployed with our trusted partners. Typically less expensive than Private Cloud deployments.

Advantages of Multi-Tenant Cloud Deployments
Multi-tenant cloud environments
On-prem deployment
Enghouse on-prem deployments

On-Premise deployments provide organizations with total control over their communications and collaboration environment. Technologies typically range from older, proprietary systems and software up to the latest fully virtualized applications running on high-reliability servers dedicated solely to their specific needs. On-Premise deployments are usually limited to installations within the customer’s actual premises and are either managed/maintained by their own IT team or a combination of their own and third-party resources.

Advantages of On-Premise Deployments
Enghouse hybrid

Blends the best of both approaches, enabling customers to extend the life-cycle of the legacy technologies they currently have in place, by adding advanced functionality ( as selectively or as broadly as required ) without any disruption of service and or the need for additional resources. Typically done by leveraging a Private Cloud deployment, this approach simplifies the migration to a full Private Cloud or Multi-Tenant Cloud infrastructure as the organization’s needs evolve and resources permit.

Advantages of Hybrid Deployments
Hybrid environment
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