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Videoconferencing and Collaboration – Reach out to See Someone

Video is no longer ‘coming soon’, it’s here, right now. With consumers using video in just about every way possible in their personal interactions, the expectation is that video should be an option when they are looking to resolve a business need or solve an issue.


Face-to-Face Collaboration Gets Results

Omni-channel contact centers integrate video the same way they treat social media and audio, as part of a total solution that enhances the customer experience (CX). With the ability to record the video stream and capture screen interactions, quality management, and agent optimization are further enhanced and simplified. By using video to see the problem first-hand – agents can better assess the situation for themselves and determine the best course of action, typically much more quickly than relying on someone trying to describe the issue. The result is a shorter timeframe from first contact to resolution – a benefit to both the customer and the organization.

Visually Enabling Collaboration in HD

Vidyo is a high-performance video conferencing and collaboration platform that helps organizations of all types conduct virtual meetings and facilitate team, customer, partner, and supplier engagement. Offering a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and conference room endpoints, Vidyo delivers an enterprise-grade experience with consistency, and ease of use that drives end-user adoption.


Video Content Enhancement

Optimizes videos by adding chapters, subtitles (with choice of languages), along with keyword indexing that helps increase engagement and extends the video’s life-cycle across many different uses.

Administrators benefit from detailed usage statistics and reporting which provides comprehensive oversight into the number of concurrent participants, total voice or video usage, the number of meetings held, license utilization, registered users, and active endpoints across the platform.

Securely Reach Any Size Audience

Using the Momindum Streaming infrastructure, broadcast Vidyo meetings to an unlimited audience without crashing your internet network. Engage with viewers with the moderated Q&A capability.

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Video security

Security is NOT an after-thought. It’s Security By Design

Vidyo provides the highest level of security – across cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployments. Communications are secured using a constantly evolving range of security technologies and protocols to ensure the highest level of privacy can be provided, while also adhering to SOC 2 and HIPPA regulations.

Cloud-based deployments can be completed rapidly, with no disruption to ongoing operations, delivering a quick ROI, while its robust and optimized cloud services eliminate the ongoing burden of managing a video network. This frees up the organization’s IT resources to focus on strategic projects that better impact bottom-line results.

The Advantages Of Video Conferencing
Easy to use
Communicate Anytime – Collaborate Anywhere
Ensures all participants can see and hear exactly what needs to be understood.
Video interactions
Easily Illustrate or Demonstrate
Show what needs to be done to resolve an issue or explain a situation instead of explaining it.
Record Meetings and Training Sessions
Provide ‘on demand’ playback whenever and wherever required – optimizes training investments.
Improves the Customer Experience (CX)
Provide customers with the communications and collaboration channels they want for the best possible experience.
Features and Benefits
The 9 Benefits of Vidyo
Video interaction
Customer Engagement Optimization and Training Tools, Optimized by Momindum
Easily use video to better engage with customers and prospects, while leveraging video to optimize staff training.
Secure cloud
Cloud Agnostic and Private Channel Enabled
Use any Cloud Infrastructure, unique Private Instance provides premium security for hyper-sensitive video-conferences.
Mobile devices
Usable in Weak Network Environments
Especially mobile and wireless networks with unsurpassed error resiliency and can even adapt to 20% packet loss, more than 2X the industry average.
Enviable Performance in Robust Network Environments
Able to leverage HD 4K and 8K displays, while delivering the most stunning quality imaginable – up to 16x better than the industry average of 720p.
Operational flexibility icon
Interoperability and Integration
Open-standards-based ensures seamless integration or embedding into any workflow or application.
Established standards
Open standards-based which ensures a smooth migration path for emerging and evolving standards and technologies, powered by over 170+ innovative patents.
Built-in security
Industry-leading Security Built-In
Ensures participant privacy and security – data never shared, meets HIPPA, SOC2, while being JITC and GDPR certified.
Encrypted Media
SRTP encryption, FIPS 140-2 certified libraries, secure HTTPS login utilizing industry-standard PKIs and TLS using strong encryption ciphers for signaling.
Analyze interactions
Ongoing Commitment to Threat and Vulnerability Management
Vidyo Security Council regularly reviews and updates policies, processes, and procedures based on evolving threats. Industry-leading scanning tools ensure servers and other technologies meet the highest possible security standards.
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Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options

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