HD Video-Based Education Delivering Increased Agent Development

Momindum Video-Based Agent Development

HD Video-Based Education Delivering Increased Agent Development

Focus on call center agent development with measurable efficiency and effectiveness.

Developing Contact Center agent skills is difficult enough when they are all in the same room or call center location. But all bets are off when migrating to the new normal of a Hybrid working environment.

Or is it?

Research studies have found that a person retains 30% of the message if they watch it, 20% if they listen to it, and retains over 70% of the message when they see and hear it.

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Video-based Training is key to Agent Development success

Co-browse and Screen Share 

Ensure Easy Content Access

Content must be readily available, provided on whatever device the agent prefers, increases commitment to learning. Educators recommend that the ability to visually access, review, and digest small sub-components of a larger piece of information – with the appropriate context – results in the best retention.

Deliver Structured Development Programs

Ensure that agents are provided relevant content and curriculum, supporting their career progression, which enables them to learn at their own pace. This encourages and helps improve information assimilation and retention of what they’ve learned, improving agent productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

Apply Uniformly

Leveraging a consistent and repetitive approach using both visual and auditory prompts – either for onboarding or ongoing development for upskilling – further reinforces retention and improves real-world application of the new knowledge.

Execute Broadly

Whether at the office, as part of a hybrid team, or working as a remote agent, the same development programs are available to all.

Agent Improvement Solutions

Easily and Regularly Assess Outcomes

The same evaluative criteria should be consistently applied to all agents to ensure the development programs deliver the expected results. All agents should then be evaluated while they are actively handling customer calls.

Features and Benefits

Top Benefits of Enghouse Momindum Agent Development

Simplified Access. Centralized Repository

Centralize all your video-based agent development content in a customizable, easily managed WebTV platform.

Insights and Analytics

Provide Quick Access To Sought After Information

Enhance the searchability of and within your videos using chapters, indexing, keywords, and subtitles.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Simplifies end-user learning and video course development.

Eliminate Redevelopment for Global Markets

Add multi-language subtitles to simplify global training initiatives and video-based product presentations – usable internally and externally.

Availability Assured

Optimizes and secures hybrid agent development initiatives. Useable wherever there’s a broadband connection.

Visual-Learning Ensures Better Retention

Reinforce learning with quizzes, instant access to supporting information, using subtitles and chapters.

Uses Industry-standard Media Formats

Easily usable on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Scalability

Useable by all types and sizes of organizations.

Analyze Video Utilization

Track everything: Analyze the video statistics, viewer behaviors, and training ROI.


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