Engage Your Agents and Automate Your Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Engage Your Agents and Automate Your Workforce Management

Ensure the right number of agents, with the right skills at the right place, at the right time.

Keep everyone involved in the scheduling process

Accurate forecasting is one of the biggest contact center challenges. Too many advisors can result in low agent occupancy and higher operating costs. Too few agents may lead to missed Service Level Targets, high attrition rates as well as frustrated customers.

Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management solutions, delivered via both native CxWFM and industry-leading solutions, such as Teleopti from Calabrio, enable analysts, supervisors, and agents using your Enghouse Interactive Contact Center to work collaboratively to deliver optimized forecasts and schedules while helping to control costs.

Workforce Management (WFM) tools allow you to expertly staff your contact center, ensuring targeted service levels are met while creating a better customer experience. In addition, allowing agents to influence their schedules and creating a balanced workload leads to happier agents and lower attrition.

workforce management

Benefits of Enghouse Workforce Management

Forecast, schedule and optimize your workforce with workforce Management solutions designed to balance the customer experience as well as operational efficiency.

Improve Staffing and Scheduling

Creates optimized schedules based on historic interaction data for calls, emails, chats and other channels.

Ensure Operational Optimization SLAs

Create accurate schedules to reach targeted.

Big Savings

Save Time and Money

Minimize overstaffing and lower administrative work.

Contact Center

Promote Productive, Satisfied Agents

Support flexible scheduling and individual shift bidding and trading.

workforce management

Plan More Efficiently

Leverage optimization engine to quickly and easily run different what-if scenarios.

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Enhance the Customer Experience

Efficient and properly skilled resource planning leads to lower First Call Resolution times and happier customers.

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