Intuitive, Simplified Customer Engagement

The Contact Center is now uniquely important for Financial Institutions as it has become “the face of the company” for their customers. They know that keeping customers engaged, providing them an excellent experience whether via self-service or agent-assisted service, is key to keeping their customer’s loyalty.

At the same time, Financial Institutions are increasingly under pressure from non-traditional financial providers who apply innovation and technology to improve how people transact business. Flexibility is now key and traditional financial institutions can be limited in their ability to adapt due to their legacy systems, proprietary technologies, lack of modern APIs, or even security concerns.

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It’s Dynamic! Not Just Voice Anymore

As more flexible technologies are coupled with traditional core systems, innovation can more easily be driven across the institution’s infrastructure. Leveraging their core systems while complementing them with innovative and more adaptable capabilities at the digital level, will empower financial organizations to keep pace with market demands.

The reality is that user needs are never static and the flexibility provided by a fully integrated approach is now expected. A customer may choose to start the application process for a new service or product on their tablet, then complete the process on their desktop, engage with a loan or mortgage specialist via text, and then sign the documents at the branch. Customers expect to be able to use whatever communications channel best meets their needs at any moment in time.

Enable your Financial Institution to Deliver Services as Expected. Quickly. Effectively.

Financial Institutions that continuously look forward will be able to maintain a competitive advantage and benefit from the increased flexibility that digital technology provides them. Those that don’t, won’t.

Use Cases
Exceeding Constantly Evolving Customer Expectations
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Use Case
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Case
Implement a Hybrid Working Environment. Blending Remote and Office Agents.
Applied Solution

Contact Center as a Service, Microsoft Teams used for organizational communications and collaboration. Calls recorded by QMS for agent supervision, coaching and training. All call records appended to customer profiles in the CRM, along with summary notes. SmartQuality used to standardize agent evaluations, eliminate bias and ensure consistent performance ratings applied. 100% of calls can be evaluated for complete staff rating, regardless of call flows.

Use Case
Investment Portfolio Order Confirmation. Voice and Screen based communications.
Applied Solution

Hybrid deployment, Enghouse Connect integrated with Cloud Contact Center for both communications and collaboration. Orders – voice and screen based info – recorded by QMS for Cloud with indexing for easy retrieval and playback. CRM updated with customer activity. PCI-DSS enabled to preserve customer privacy and security of financial details.

Use Case
Customer expect that all communications are digital - from mobile or website.
Applied Solution

Customers are provided with a range of digital self-service options, enabling them to interact with IVRs and Chatbots in order to solve their issue themselves. Escalation to a live agent is always available. Up to date information, guidance and tips n’ tricks can be provided from the Knowledge Base in the format they prefer. All digital inputs and info is added to the customer CRM profile. Customers can be proactively notified in the manner they prefer when they need to be contacted.

Use Case
Regulatory compliance across all activities complicated by geographically remote agents
Applied Solution

Call Recording and Quality Management deployed to record all inbound and outbound agent calls. Each call scanned analyzed and indexed for key words, phrases or terms. Content Analyzer reviews calls in real-time, issues identified trigger specific actions or notifications for immediate follow up. All calls can be appended to the customer CRM profile. SmartQuality ensures all agent behavior is accurately tracked and exceptions identified for coaching and training.

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