Give Customers Control

Omni-Channel Self-Service

Give Customers Control

Deliver the experience that customers demand and increase their overall satisfaction while improving operational flexibility and agility.

Customer Self-Service is not an option. It’s expected.

With automated technologies, Contact Centers can streamline handling of repetitive tasks, more efficiently. Enabling customers to self-serve using the communication channel they prefer shortens engagement times and increases issue resolution rates, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Omni-Channel Self-Service now blends proven technologies with conversational AI, insights from Knowledge Bases, video collaboration, interactive voice response (IVR), CRM platforms, speech recognition, identity authentication, and voice activation technologies. These use a multitude of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.


The Advantages of Enghouse Omni-Channel Self-Service Solution

workforce management

Always On. Always Available

Provide optimal customer experiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Self-Service Capabilities

Enable customers to self-serve.

reduce costs

Minimize Costs

Achieve reductions of up to 90% for IVR calls versus agent-handled calls.

Agent Improvement Solutions

Boost First Call Resolution

Drive First Call Resolution (FCR) by 75% on desktop or mobile devices.

Improves the Customer Experience (CX)

Provide the customer with control over their own experience.

Reduces Customer Average Hold Time

On desktop or mobile device, reduce Average Hold Time (AHT) by 1-2 minutes.

Features and Benefits

Top benefits of Enghouse Omni-Channel Self-Service

Multi-Tenant or Single Customer

All applications are scalable and extendable, using open standards.

Omni-Channel Communications and Automated Callbacks

Minimize waiting in voice queues and offer voice and digital communications channels including multiple SMS providers.

Comprehensive Reporting

Choice of standard reporting or advanced Business Intelligence with visual dashboards.

Unlimited Integrations

Benefit from a wide range of third-party technologies and infrastructures significantly reducing the time, cost, and complexity of creating and deploying optimized Omni-Channel Self-Service.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Natural Language Processing

Use conversational AI, advanced speech recognition and speech-enabled IVR’s to replace the menu-driven experience with a natural conversational interface.


Display a full set of easy-to-read menu options optimized for the mobile device being used. Delivers multi-media interactions without needing additional telephony capacity.

Virtual Assistants (Chatbots)

Fully automated, rules-based chatbots provide customer and agent assistance and improve the customer experience by significantly reducing service times.

Outbound Notifications

Automated and proactive engagement with customers and prospects on a scheduled or ad hoc basis to provide reminders, follow-ups, and more.


Dynamically transform text into conversational language for prompts and informational messages. Easily extract relevant text-based information and convert it to natural language speech.

Open APIs

Integrate with advanced Knowledge Bases, databases, computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, and CRM systems.

Enghouse omni-channel self-service

Deployment Choice

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment choices.

Enghouse private cloud
Enghouse Hybrid Logo
Enghouse on-prem deployments

Enghouse Solutions

Audio branding

Audio Branding

Ensure all customer touchpoints are professionally scripted and recorded in HD Audio to make sure they are as professional as possible. Over 30 languages are available. More…



Used as a call center quality-monitoring program to continually assess the performance of your underlying applications, and infrastructure. More…

Recording and quality management

Recording and Quality Management

Protect your customers and your organization with HD call recording, keyword indexing, timestamping, and encryption. Quality Management helps optimize agent coaching, training, and performance. More…

Survey management

Survey Management

Gather “Voice of the Customer” feedback efficiently and effectively via industry-leading survey capabilities. Enhance Customer Journey data gathering and analysis to improve AI. More…

Artificial intelligence

AI Insights

Listen, Understand and Act on what your customers are saying. Optimize processes, services, and solutions based on real customer inputs. More…

Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Ensure that you get the right information to an agent or customer as quickly as possible. Improve customer self-service capabilities while ensuring information is provided in the format the customer prefers. More…

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