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Omni-Channel Self-Service is Not an Option. It’s Expected

Deliver the experience that customers demand and increase their overall satisfaction while improving operational flexibility and agility.

With automated technologies, Contact Centers can streamline handling of repetitive tasks, more efficiently. Enabling customers to self-serve using the communication channel they prefer shortens engagement times and increases issue resolution rates, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Omni-Channel Self-Service now blends proven technologies with conversational AI, insights from Knowledge Bases, video collaboration, interactive voice response (IVR), CRM platforms, speech recognition, identity authentication, and voice activation technologies. These use a multitude of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.

The Advantages Of Enghouse Omni-Channel Self-Service Solution
Always available
Always On. Always Available
Provide optimal customer experiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Self-Service Capabilities
Enable customers to self-serve.
Reduce costs
Minimize Costs
Achieve reductions of up to 90% for IVR calls versus agent-handled calls.
Reduce hold time
Reduces Customer Average Hold Time (AHT)
On desktop or mobile device – AHT reduced by 1-2 minutes and helps drive First Call Resolution (FCR) by 75%.
Intuitive interface
Improves the Customer Experience (CX)
Provide the customer with control over their own experience.
Features and Benefits
Top 10 benefits of Enghouse Omni-Channel Self-Service Solution
Multi-Tenant or Single Customer
All applications are scalable and extendable, using open standards.
Omni-Channel Communications and Automated Callbacks
Minimize waiting in voice queues and offer voice and digital communications channels including multiple SMS providers.
Comprehensive Reporting
Choice of standard reporting or advanced Business Intelligence with visual dashboards.
Integration options
Unlimited Integrations
Benefit from a wide range of third-party technologies and infrastructures significantly reducing the time, cost, and complexity of creating and deploying optimized Omni-Channel Self-Service.
Artificial intelligence
AI and Natural Language Processing
Use conversational AI, advanced speech recognition and speech-enabled IVR’s to replace the menu-driven experience with a natural conversational interface.
Mobile devices
Display a full set of easy-to-read menu options optimized for the mobile device being used. Delivers multi-media interactions without needing additional telephony capacity.
Chat bot
Virtual Assistants (Chatbots)
Fully automated, rules-based chatbots provide customer and agent assistance and improve the customer experience by significantly reducing service times.
Multiple devices
Outbound Notifications
Automated and proactive engagement with customers and prospects on a scheduled or ad hoc basis to provide reminders, follow-ups, and more.
Speech to text
Dynamically transform text into conversational language for prompts and informational messages. Easily extract relevant text-based information and convert it to natural language speech.
Integration options
Open APIs
Integrate with advanced Knowledge Bases, databases, computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, and CRM systems.
Call center employee
Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options

Enghouse Collateral
Self-Service Communications Portal
Communications Portal
Self-Service In The Contact Center When, How & Why Customers Self-Help
Testimonials and Case Studies

Help Your Customers Help Themselves. Quickly. Easily. Efficiently. Effectively.

Written Testimonials
North America

“I am more than happy to provide a testimonial on behalf of Enghouse relating to their operational and customer service. In early 2018, we changed our payroll software (to Ultipro) and researched telephone punch in/out systems. Enghouse provided a proposal and subsequently worked closely to accommodate our phone tree requests to assist our employees in clocking in/out.

In the early stages, our phone tree requests tended to be long-winded which caused higher phone charges. Enghouse again worked with us to shorten-our messages resulting in significant savings to us.

When Covid struck in the first quarter of 2020, once again Enghouse came to our rescue in 2 ways:

  1. We expanded our phone tree to allow employees to notify us if they were feeling unwell or were concerned as to the wellness of others. This was complicated as the notification needed to be sent via email to the employees next direct report. Enghouse worked diligently with us to accomplish this task.
  2. Being in the hospitality business (providing valets for hotels), our workforce was gutted as our clients shutdown valet operations. Enghouse, once again, worked to find us a plan which allowed us to pay a fair price for actual minutes used.

From our employees to our IT department to the CEO, we have appreciated Enghouse’s dedication to Ace Parking’s needs – and how quickly they’ve worked with us to satisfy our requests both operational and monetarily.

The word partnership is bandied about whether it exists or not; however, I truly feel that Enghouse is our partner – they’ve had our back through thick and thin and we intend to remain a customer for the long haul.

I am grateful for Enghouse’s assistance and would be happy to talk with you if you have any questions.”

Ross Seibert CFO ACE Parking
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