Call and Agent Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Recording and Quality Management

Call and Agent Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Customer interaction recording across voice, email, chat, SMS and other channels. Enable quick search and playback. Simplify dispute resolution. Meet regulatory and legal compliance requirements.

Capture touchpoints along the customer journey

Customer experience (CX) expectations have changed. Today, customers expect lightning-fast responses across multiple channels while organizations are obligated to respect new regulatory frameworks and privacy requirements. All this is driving significant business process change while also affecting the progress and achievement of corporate objectives.

To keep pace, management of the customer experience is key. Identifying key issues as they arise, determining their root cause, and responding quickly, while determining the underlying key learnings requires a more comprehensive approach than ever before.

By implementing Omni-Channel recording software for call centers via automated tools, organizations can extract actionable insights to help them monitor and train agents, while analyzing the “Voice of the Customer”. Whether you customers prefer audio, screen or text-based communications, contact center screen recording and call center monitoring programs can help your organization efficiently achieve its business objectives.

Whether you need full quality management functionality or just omni-channel recording, we got you covered.


Enghouse Quality Management Suite (QMS)

Recording and Quality Management

Simplified Compliance with All Regulatory Requirements

Designed to meet regional and international compliance and regulatory needs: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, MiFID II, and GDPR, this ensures QA in a call center.

Interoperable across many PBX, UC, and Call Center platforms.

Compatibility assured with multiple best of breed PBX, UC (Ring Central, Microsoft Teams), and call/contact center platforms, and is one of the first Omni-Channel recording platforms in the world certified for Microsoft Teams.

Drives Significant Customer Experience Improvements

Contact Center quality management teams have realized greater returns when using Enghouse Interactive Recording and Quality Management solutions.

Features and Benefits

Top benefits of Enghouse Call, Screen and Text Recording

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Capture Multichannel Interactions

Develop a comprehensive view of your customer interactions. Hear what is being said and view the agent’s desktop. Videos with synchronized voice and screen capture can be exported and played back. Whole interactions can be attached to emails or CRM entries.

Call Recording

Benefit from real-time monitoring and historical playback for telephone calls. Calls can be internal, inbound, or outbound. Record interactions either on-demand, full-time, or based on configurable triggers such as date, time, percentage, number ranges and caller ID.

Screen Recording

You can capture the entire interaction between agent and customer by recording both the conversation and the agent’s computer activities. Set profiles to suit your needs from recording computer activity throughout the day or exclusively when users are on calls.

Text Recording

Contact centers are increasingly offering multiple channels by which customers can contact them. From email, web chat, and social media to Instant Messaging and SMS, we offer recording options for most text-based communication methods.

Speech-to-text Transcription

Convert audio recordings into searchable text documents. Transcription can be automated according to recording policies or initiated manually. Support for 30+ languages and 40+ dialects with automatic speaker identification.

AI Insights/Voice of the Customer

Text Analytics

All text files, whether transcriptions or text recordings, are indexed and can be searched using powerful search options. Importantly, text analytics works across both options to provide a complete cross-channel view of the key topics raised in customers interactions.


Enghouse Solutions



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Outbound communications

Outbound Communications

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Artificial intelligence

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Recording and Quality Management
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