AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation


AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation

Analyze up to 100% of customer interactions with SmartQuality for consistent and unbiased contact center agent performance evaluation

Empower your agents and improve your CX

Contact Center Supervisors spend considerable amounts of time evaluating agent performance. But with thousands of hours of recorded agent-customer interactions, studies have shown that, on average, they analyze less than 5% of agent-customer interactions.

Enghouse Interactive’s agent evaluation application, SmartQuality, enables comprehensive analysis of up to 100% of interactions – across a multitude of channels: voice, text, email, SMS, social media, and webchat. SmartQuality uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to analyze and score each conversation based on your specified criteria.

Deliver Tangible Improvements with AI

Instead of randomly sampling calls to review, use AI to make your Quality Management ‘smarter’. Free up your supervisors from spending so much time listening to calls and more time on agent development. Ensure that your scorecards are less subjective and more objective..

AI-Augmented Interaction Analysis

Using AI, easily evaluate all customer interactions against defined criteria representing a positive customer experience. This means you can assess up to 100% of interactions, making it easy to identify issues, even infrequent ones.

Improvements through AI
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AI-Directed Call Reviews

Use AI to identify the best recordings for supervisors to review. This will reduce the amount of time spent searching for coachable moments among the ‘average’ interactions. Instead, your managers and supervisors can focus their time on higher-value interactions, issue resolution, and agent coaching.

AI-Driven Scorecards

Manual advisor evaluation is prone to human bias, so this requires ongoing calibration. However, AI is impartial, objective, and consistent when reviewing interactions. Completing scorecards based on objective evaluation criteria  means supervisors only need to review completed scorecards to provide human input, on an exception basis.


AI-Enabled Automatic Evaluations

Evaluate more than ever before

Overcome time and process-related limitations – evaluate up to 100% of all Agent interactions.

Enhance and maximize workflows

Easily implement automated evaluations without disrupting existing processes.

Be consistent across your organization

Consistent, timely and documented evaluations – regardless of Agent or Supervisor personalities.

Boost supervisor productivity

Free up your supervisors to focus on higher-value management activities.

Features and Benefits

Top Benefits of Enghouse SmartQuality, AI-enabled Agent Evaluation

Artificial Intelligence

Remove Bias

SmartQuality automatically identifies interactions that fall above and below KPI’s, creating a bias-free scoring system. Moreover, while humans have subjective points of view that can be applied unevenly, AI reduces subjectivity in the advisor evaluation process.

workforce management

Improve Agent Engagement

More objective evaluations and better coaching results in agents being more motivated and better equipped to handle each interaction and deliver a positive outcome.

Optimize CX

Deliver Winning CX

More engaged, informed, and positive agents deliver better service and higher first contact resolution (FCR) rates. Getting it right the first time means agents don’t need to handle the same query multiple times.


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Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options.

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