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Call Accounting and Business Analytics

Proteus Enterprise Business Intelligence

Maximize the return on investment across your communications systems. Identify and drive improvement in infrastructure assets you have in place … and determine which you should be building upon, and which should be decommissioned.

Monitor and Manage. Optimize Your Infrastructure and Services.

With communications technology and services becoming increasingly complex and expensive, call accounting has become more important than ever.

The reality of remote working and hybrid work environments has impacted how organizations manage their communications assets. Many organizations haven’t implemented this type of oversight, but now need detailed insight into all the assets they own, or lease or rent. Enghouse Analytics provides accurate cost monitoring, detailed usage, ongoing resource performance (MOS, QoS) assessment and insight into how, where and when new applications are being used – or not.

Insights and Analytics

Call Accounting and Business Analytics Solutions

Big Savings

Cost Management and Allocation

Provides real-time and historical cost analysis, across global deployments down to individual user level.

Interactive Digital

Network Optimization

Automated analysis of network/trunk utilization, monitoring of call routing plans.


Fraud Alerts and Security Compliance

Configurable alerts using choice of email, IM, or SNMP.

Features and Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Enghouse Analytics

Big Savings

Allocate Costs More Efficiently

Facilitate budgeting and management of communications costs across single or multiple sites, countries, and multiple currencies. Allocate to specific departments, cost centers, or individuals.

Insights and Analytics

Support Business Case for Migration to New Services

Extract detailed usage information on legacy platforms, identify the cost to operate trunks, identify under-utilized assets that can be decommissioned, staff usage of specific assets, and adoption rates of new applications, etc.

Simple and Efficient Service Billing

Simplify industry-specific call accounting needs and management (legal firms, managed offices, telecom operators). Reports can be scheduled and filtered to meet precise needs, with a full audit trail.

Insights and Analytics

Proteus for Microsoft Teams – Gain maximum efficiency from Microsoft Teams

Analyze usage at a granular level – tracking audio calls (Teams and PSTN), video calls, group calls, screen shares, and auto attendant dials. Report on latency jitter, packet loss, and round-trip time and calculate a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for service quality.

Optional Features

Includes mobile phone analysis, VoIP QoS analysis, personal and business call management, and PBX control features


Enghouse Solutions

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Call Accounting and Business Analytics
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