Use actionable insights to improve your CX by focusing on what matters most

AI Insights

Use actionable insights to improve your CX by focusing on what matters most

The average contact center today collects thousands of daily agent-customer interactions across a multitude of channels – voice, email, SMS, social media, and webchat. Interpreting these interactions and converting them into actionable insights enables your organization to deliver a richer and more compelling customer experience (CX).

AI Insights extracts actionable insights from the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE) initiatives to uncover the “why” hidden in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customers Satisfaction (CSAT) feedback, and internal agent surveys, with greater than 95% accuracy. AI Insights’ proprietary hybrid of machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and proprietary fully optimized industry-specific lexicons ensure that no additional parsing, processing, or validation is required.

By enabling your organization to focus on resolving critical issues before they become serious business impediments, while proactively capitalizing on emerging customer trends, AI Insights will help your company increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, and maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence
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Go Beyond NPS, VoC and VoE

NPS is good at telling you how customers feel about your brand at a specific point in time. But it doesn’t tell you what to do to improve their experience, nor does it tell you WHY they think the way they do or WHY they are acting the way they are. Understanding this is key to determining what needs to change to deliver a better customer experience.

Context is Everything

Let customers and employees tell you, in their own words, what matters most to them. Complement any quantitative feedback you receive from surveys with qualitative data, from the words they use when they interact with you digitally and free-text survey responses, ensuring that you really understand your customers’ expectations.

By employing semantic technology to uncover context and nuance, AI Insights enables your organization to deliver a better overall customer experience by quickly identifying critical issues and uncovering key customer expectations. AI Insights provides valuable context by uncovering your customer’s emotions such as fear, disappointment, anger, satisfaction, astonishment, surprise, and even sarcasm.


AI-Enabled Customer Interaction Analysis and Insights Solutions

Proprietary hybrid of machine learning, NLP

Quickly understand what is being said and why.

Industry-specific lexicons

Accurately discerns inferences, nuance, inflection, sarcasm, and contradiction. Our lexicons are continuously optimized by Linguistics Ph.Ds.

Complete Analysis

Analyzes the complete interaction, for all CX situations, not just common ones.

Information Transparency

Drill-down to triggering comments with significant elements highlighted.

Features and Benefits

Top 6 Benefits of Enghouse AI Insights

Using data to draw conclusions regarding customer needs and preferences is essential for your organization.

Quickly Analyze More Customer Interactions

Automate feedback analysis. Understand customer perceptions through both explicit and implicit statements.

Listen to the Complete Customer Journey

Integrate AI Insights with all conversational platforms and feedback programs. Extract actionable insights from digital media with greater than 95% analysis accuracy.

Identify and Validate Trends

Examine current realities and identify emerging areas of concern or opportunities to proactively meet changing customer expectations.

Accelerate New Product Development

Identify usage trends and product benefits most appreciated or superfluous.

Optimize Service Levels Instantaneously

Quickly validate the benefits or impacts of operational changes.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock Voice of the Employee (VoE) Insights

Uncover employees’ concerns and ideas – and what makes them happy – by quickly extracting insights from free-form suggestions and surveys.


Enghouse Solutions

Recording and quality management

Recording and Quality Management

Protect your customers and your organization with HD call recording, keyword indexing, timestamping, and encryption. Quality Management helps optimize agent coaching, training, and performance. More…



Used as a call center quality-monitoring program to continually assess the performance of your underlying applications, and infrastructure. More…

Survey management

Survey Management

Gather “Voice of the Customer” feedback efficiently and effectively via industry-leading survey capabilities. Enhance Customer Journey data gathering and analysis to improve AI. More…

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