Next-Generation Media Processing Software

PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS)

Next-Generation Media Processing Software

HD Voice and Video media processing solutions with exemplary resilience, reliability, and concurrent throughput

High Availability. Redundant and Powerful Media Processing

Create carrier-grade media processing applications. Minimize development timelines. Ensure quick time-to-market.

Built on 20+ years of software media processing experience, PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS) features cloud-ready, virtualized media server and Media Resource Function (MRF) functionality with media control interfaces.

It’s a highly reliable key building block for new and innovative applications, such as real-time HD voice and video conferencing and collaboration across any device, carrier-hosted contact centers, enterprise communications, voice messaging, and mission-critical, next-generation 911 services and financial communication systems.

PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS)

Features and Benefits

Top Benefits of PowerMedia XMS Solutions

Highly Available Redundant Media Processing

Intelligent failover and call-status preservation features provide local and geographic redundancy options while increasing uptime.


Secured Communications

PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS) enables encryption at the media layer with SRTP, DTLS-SRTP for WebRTC media, and the signaling layer with TLS.

Easily Scalable

Dynamically scale and distribute a media server pool across disparate apps and datacenters to add features where and as needed; load balancing software ensures optimal performance.

Reduce Operational Overhead

HTTP RESTful web management interface seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure while centralizing management with real-time monitoring, alarms, data logging, KPI tracking.

Minimize Development Cycles

Production-ready media server and MRF functionality include media controls (for web and VoIP), optimized to simplify integration and virtualization.

Accelerates Application Development

Leveraging industry-standard APIs and technologies (e.g. WebRTC) facilitates the development and deployment of communication applications and services for mobile, Web, and VoIP/SIP, across a wide range of endpoints.

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PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS)
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