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USA Jul 7, 2021 | By LarryE
AI-Enabled Agent Assessment

Contact Center call volumes are increasing exponentially, resulting in supervisors dealing with agent assessments on more of an exception basis than as a normal course of business. While expectations are that all agents will adhere to call scripts, manage conflicts, and comply with regulations while treating customers with empathy. How do you make sure?

USA Jun 24, 2021 | By LarryE
Video – See What You’ve Been Hearing

Integrating video will accelerate the transformation of your contact center into a powerful revenue generator.

USA Jun 11, 2021 | By LarryE
AI – Delivers The Benefits of a Complete Picture

Insightful, accurate, and comprehensive CX insights will drive greater loyalty, lower churn rates and increase revenues,

USA Jan 13, 2021 | By LarryE
Trends and Realities of Successful Organizations (Blog #1)
USA Dec 2, 2020 | By LarryE
Extract Actionable Insights
USA Sep 29, 2020 | By Larry Ekiert
Super-Agents Are Real (Blog #1)

The reality is that “customer experience” is more than a single engagement or interaction with your organization.  It starts with a customer’s first point of contact and ends with the last…

USA Aug 26, 2020 | By Larry Ekiert
Empower Customers With Self–Service Blog #1

It’s not an option – it’s expected. For many businesses, self-service is becoming a key factor for success.

USA Apr 16, 2020 | By LarryE
How To Develop A Basic Business Continuity Plan [+Templates]
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