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USA Feb 25, 2022 | By Larry Ekiert
A Game Plan for FSI’s and Credit Unions (Part 1)

The Power of Moving Forward Faster - Legacy Technology is the Impediment to Successfully Serving Your Clients, Members, and Customers. Investment Firms, Insurance Companies, and Financial Services organizations including Credit Unions (FSI’s for short) are typically limited in their operational flexibility due to the state of their existing infrastructure and systems. The reality is that these organizations can’t or are unwilling to replace their core systems any time soon, due to cost, proprietary technologies, or archaic data structures. Hybrid Helps Things Happen

USA Dec 22, 2021 | By LarryE
How to Empower and Increase Agent Engagement with AI

Technology technology can make the workplace more appealing and interesting while enhancing performance. Many technologies can improve the overall agent experience, as always, starting with the basics has proven to be the best approach.  Foundational technologies include delivering (and continuously optimizing) context-sensitive prompting in your IVR, integrating your contact center with your CRM to facilitate the development of first-party data, and implementing and enhancing knowledge management systems to improve your self-service capabilities.

USA Oct 27, 2021 | By LarryE
How to Understand Your Customers To Better Engage with Them

From digital natives to boomers. Anyone with a cell phone and an app, everyone expects more. Customers expect their time to be valued and that any interaction they have with your organization is efficient, leading them to their desired outcome. They also expect to be treated in a highly personalized manner.

USA Oct 12, 2021 | By LarryE
Delivering Better Customer Experiences (CX)

For organizations to improve their overall customer experience (CX), they must focus on how they engage with their customers, by listening understanding, and acting on what customers are telling you, and by ensuring that you’re providing your staff (front-line, back-office, and support) with the tools they need act efficiently and effectively.

UK Oct 1, 2021 | By Helen Billingham
Why agility is now at the heart of customer service success

Over the past 20 years customer service strategy and management has transformed. When contact centres were first established, they were treated as a cost centre. That meant the primary strategic aim was to run them as efficiently as possible.

USA Sep 20, 2021 | By LarryE
Enghouse UC
USA Sep 3, 2021 | By LarryE
Unified Communications

Unified Communications. Contact Center Solutions. Delivered from the cloud “as a Service”… enabling you to use these capabilities together across your organization as required, with the maximum amount of operational flexibility and security possible.

UK Jul 30, 2021 | By Helen Billingham
Understanding The Factors Driving Channel Choice In Customer Service

Consumers now have an ever-widening range of channels for interacting with companies. Getting the right balance has to start by understanding your customers. How, why and when do they want to engage with your business?

USA Jul 29, 2021 | By LarryE
Mitigate Agent, Customer, Operational and Regulatory Risk

Using the right approach will enable your organization to mitigate risk, deliver better service, protect customers and agents, and ensure that all customer contacts result in positive outcomes.

UK Jul 23, 2021 | By Helen Billingham
Why Managing Customer Emotions Is Even More Important Than You Think
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