Solutions used

  • Contact Center Service Provider (CCSP)

Tenured Cloud and Managed Services Provider Brings Enterprise-Grade Cloud Contact Center to Reseller Partners at SMB Price Point

EarthBend, formerly known as Comsource, has been in business for over 30 years. The focus of EarthBend was distribution to the Mitel dealer network and a regional Value Added Reseller (VARs). Recently, EarthBend created a new division, EB360. EB360 is the brainchild of forward thinking executives who saw rapidly changing technology environment. EB360’s mission is to provide quickly, easy to deploy, and white labeled cloud based solutions for Value Added Reseller (VARs) market and hardware dealers in North America. With a team of contact center business and technology leaders, EB360 has built their practice quickly and is already making an impact on the cloud contact center marketplace.

EB360 supports its channel partners and customers across a wide range of industries including; healthcare, manufacturing, government and financial services just to name a few. In every case, EB360 provides the appropriate technology-related services and solutions to reliably address their unique business challenges. EB360 is privately held and operated from its corporate headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD, with a regional office located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

The Scenario

Recognizing the unique opportunity to capitalize on market demand for cloud contact center, coupled with the shift away from hardware-based deployments, EB360 needed a powerful, feature-rich, and flexible platform as the foundation for building an as-a-service contact center business. With plans to go to market in a number of ways, including selling direct to end-user businesses, as well as allowing other cloud and managed services providers to white label their solution, EB360 investigated cloud contact center solutions in search of the product and partnership that best met its objectives. It knew the quickest path to achieving revenue was a solution that offered robust omni-channel functionality, scaled easily, allowed rapid onboarding of new customers and would be cost-effective for its engineers to operate, mitigating IT resource consumption and related expenses.

The Solution

Following an exhaustive search, EB360 selected Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP). CCSP is a true cloud contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) platform. Built on multi-tenant architecture, CCSP provides cloud and application service providers with the means to offer feature-rich contact center functionality to their business clientele that is consumable from the cloud, as a service.

Powered by CCSP, EB360 ’s Cloud Contact Center delivers carrier-grade performance, agility and reliability, including options for geographical redundancy. Coupled with the flexibility of OPEX-based cloud billing, the EB360 cloud solution allows their customers to focus on customer experience objectives and not on upfront capital expenditures (CAPEX) or the complexity of operating on-premise, legacy, contact center technology.

A key attribute that led EB360 to Enghouse Interactive was CCSP’s Provisioning Portal, a self-service administration tool for provisioning cloud contact center tenants on CCSP. Accessible online, the portal allows EB360 to create contact center service packages, bundle communication channels and features, and make specific packages available for their channel partners or for self-service customer sign up. This flexibility allows EB360 to tackle a wide range of onboarding requirements from the SMB customer who may have less than 20 seats to the Enterprise prospect with large and complex requirements.

With the Provisioning Portal, EB360 found that provisioning time decreased, from 6-8 hours when creating each tenant individually with the standard tools, to 45 minutes per tenant when created from a package template. Onboarding new tenants with the Provisioning Portal results in thousands of dollars of cost savings for EB360 as well as the new customer.

EB360 Cloud Contact Center also provides customers with a single point of contact for support. Unlike other solution providers that host deployments on third-party infrastructure such as AWS, customers are not told the issue (and the wait for a fix) is due to a third-party’s infrastructure causing the issue. Customers communicate directly with EB360 or its partners for all aspects of support, services and consulting, alleviating the confusion and complexity of other parties being responsible for their cloud service.

EB360’s cloud environment allows customers to virtualize their contact center without depending on infrastructure deployed on-site. The only equipment needed are headsetequipped multimedia PCs and an IP connection. Hosted in its software-defined datacenters (SDDC), EB360’s Cloud Contact Center brings the added value of business continuity, characterized by the resilience, performance, and efficiency expected of a tier-1 cloud service. By ‘virtualizing’ networking, storage, CPU and security, the facility’s infrastructure provides an inherently higher level of data protection, VM mobility, availability, data and cost efficiency.

Leveraging CCSP’s robust features and functionality, EB360 Cloud Contact Center integrates IVR, voice calls, e-mail, chat, voicemail, and outbound dialing, empowering organizations to engage customers on their choice of media. Cloud Contact Center’s unified agent desktop, based on Enghouse Interactive TouchPoint interface, integrates old and new applications and services to deliver rapid, high quality information through a single web interface. All contacts are seamlessly distributed to a universal queue, leveraging sophisticated routing intelligence. Highly scalable, EB360 ’s Cloud Contact Center offers the flexibility to increase or decrease headcount in response to unexpected peaks in demand, easily and quickly. EB360 outbound communication solution includes but is not limited to agent-based outbound calling. They also offer outbound notification programs with email and SMS message delivery for proactive service campaigns.

EB360 takes cloud innovation to the next level intergrating proactive outbound service with the services offered by Clear2there, their market-leading IoT technology platform that offers smart-home, smart-business, smart-farm and smart-healthcare solutions. By integrating IoT services to Cloud Contact Center their message notification platform or contact center agents can proactively reach clients, notifying them of urgent eventdriven alerts.


Powered by CCSP, EB360 ’s Cloud Contact Center delivers carrier-grade performance, agility and reliability, including options for geographical redundancy, coupled with the flexibility of OPEX-based cloud billing. End-users are empowered to focus on their customer experience objectives, and not on upfront capital expenditures (CAPEX) or the complexity of operating on-premise, legacy, contact center technology.

The CCSP Provisioning Portal significantly reduces customer (tenant) startup costs and ongoing management by reducing the operational burden of new tenant onboarding and by providing tools the customers can use themselves. EB360 builds in these cost savings into their pricing allowing them to offer competitive onboarding costs, which are particularly attractive to their small to midsize business clientele.

EB360 and its channel partners are now armed with the resources to increase
marketshare in both SMB and enterprise contact center markets as well as in key
vertical markets, such as healthcare. EB360 Cloud Contact Center provides the ability to offer specialized offerings that ensure healthcare providers’ comply with M.A.C.R.A. and mandates to improve patient experience. In addition, tying outbound communications functionality into IoT connected solutions provides a very unique differentiator.

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