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USA Oct 12, 2021 | By LarryE
Delivering Better Customer Experiences (CX)

For organizations to improve their overall customer experience (CX), they must focus on how they engage with their customers, by listening understanding, and acting on what customers are telling you, and by ensuring that you’re providing your staff (front-line, back-office, and support) with the tools they need act efficiently and effectively.

USA Sep 3, 2021 | By LarryE
Unified Communications

Unified Communications. Contact Center Solutions. Delivered from the cloud “as a Service”… enabling you to use these capabilities together across your organization as required, with the maximum amount of operational flexibility and security possible.

USA Jul 29, 2021 | By LarryE
Mitigate Agent, Customer, Operational and Regulatory Risk

Using the right approach will enable your organization to mitigate risk, deliver better service, protect customers and agents, and ensure that all customer contacts result in positive outcomes.

USA May 28, 2021 | By LarryE
First-Party Data is Generated by your Contact Center

Adding first-party data to your CRM, the information can be effectively utilized by all areas enabling personalized communications.

USA Sep 29, 2020 | By Larry Ekiert
Super-Agents Are Real (Blog #1)

The reality is that “customer experience” is more than a single engagement or interaction with your organization.  It starts with a customer’s first point of contact and ends with the last…

USA Sep 10, 2020 | By Larry Ekiert
Empower Customers With Self–Service Blog #3

Key findings from our “When, How and Why Customers Self-Help” Webinar  

USA Sep 1, 2020 | By LarryE
Empower Customers With Self-Service Blog #2
USA Jul 27, 2020 | By LarryE
Abandon The Status Quo Now: Microsoft Teams Blog #3
USA Jul 7, 2020 | By LarryE
Abandon the Status Quo Now: Microsoft Teams Blog #2
USA Jun 17, 2020 | By LarryE
Abandon the Status Quo Now: Microsoft Teams Blog #1
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