Data Personalization

Today’s Privacy Regulations and Data Deprecation Requirements Diminish your Data Collection and Use Options.  What to do?

According to Accenture(1), 75% of customers have identified that they are more likely to engage with organizations that: address them by name, uses insight from their purchase history to better engage with them, and provides product or service recommendations reflective of their purchase history.

Organizations can’t engage with customers the way they previously did, while still respecting and guaranteeing their privacy!

Well, maybe that’s not an accurate statement. An omni-channel contact center with its multiple touchpoints across the customer journey – using a mix of voice, text, SMS, social media, or video – can provide an organization with the info needed to personalize the customer engagement process. By using tools such as chatbots, biometric authentication, self-service, and natural language processing (NLP), organizations can listen to the voice of the customer (VOC) to gather first-party data and then extract the contextual information needed to complete customer profiles which are foundational to personalization (1:1 targeting).

Key Factor:Regularly update and validate all info gathered, its accuracy builds customer trust.

By adding this first-party data to the organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the information can be effectively utilized by all functional areas (marketing, sales, accounting, etc.) both on an individual basis, and when aggregated, enabling personalized communications for others within the same industry.

Action Checklist
  • Use an omni-channel approach
  • Leverage chatbots, NLP, and AI
  • Integrate with CRM
  • Use the data to enhance engagement
  • Update and validate the data regularly
  • Adjust to changing regulations quickly

Listen intently to the voice of the customer (VOC). It provides the data that enables your organization to better engage with customers and prospects.

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(1) 2021 Accenture Interactive,
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