Our Solutions

Whether you need to provide a personalized, informed service through a specialized operator center or a multi-channel, multi-site contact center, we have the knowledge, the products, the partners and the deployment expertise to deliver the right solution to meet all your requirements – now, and in the future. Our solutions scale from a single site call reception console, to multi-tenanted, multi-media contact centers with more than 10,000 users. We also support the full range of deployment methods; from premise-based to private, public or community cloud and even hybrid requirements. With more than 1 million agent seats handling over 1 billion interactions through our systems daily, Enghouse Interactive is one of the biggest providers of customer contact solutions in the world.

Get Ready for Polarized Customer Service

We understand customer service and the lesson that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply doesn’t work in today’s complex market. Businesses need to know their customers and deliver services tailored to their needs. It’s more important than ever for businesses to protect their reputation and focus on customer satisfaction. With the ongoing move to cheaper digital self-service channels for customer service, many businesses are making savings by reinvesting that money to ensure that when people do need to speak to staff directly, they can get connected into the business and access someone equipped with the relevant knowledge to solve their problem. Businesses need to have a strategy in place that allows them to respond proactively to the kind of polarization in customer preferences.

Enghouse Interactive Video -Contact Center & Customer Service Solutions

A lighthearted look at the importance of getting customer service right – ensuring customers can be unique, be social and be served – their way.

Enghouse Interactive Solutions

Enghouse Interactive solutions can help you determine which interaction methods your customers like, so you can provide them with a service that delivers just that.

Available as both premise and cloud-based deployments, our inbound and outbound Contact Center Solutions offer comprehensive features that cover all areas of operations, making customer service easy for the agent and appearing effortless and consistent to the customer.

Multi-Channel Contact Centers

Our Reception and Call Handling Solutions enable receptionists and attendants to quickly, professionally and efficiently manage and dispatch interactions to the correct person, department, location or company.

Reception & Call Handling

A significant number of customer requests are for simple issues such as password resets, bill payment or directory assistance. Nearly all of these requests are self-service interactions that can be handled without the need for live assistance.

Self Service

Businesses worldwide rely on quality and control solutions to ensure high-quality customer service, resolve customer disputes, achieve regulatory compliance, accelerate employee training and increase workplace productivity and security.

Quality and Control

We provide a number of integration tools including CTI, IP phone applications, database and directory integration, click-2-dial and IVR development and testing tool kits.



We have over 20 years expertise in Customer Interactions solutions from reception to multi-tenanted, fully featured contact center solutions. All our solutions:

  • Are modular and work together or standalone
  • Can be fully integrated across the portfolio
  • Work within the deployment method of choice
  • Are platform independent, yet work with leading telephony platforms including Cisco, Avaya, NEC and Microsoft Office 365
  • Can integrate with the leading CRM / third party systems
  • Can scale from 10 seats to over 10,000