CXSF 2019

Elevate Your Contact Center from a Cost Center into a Revenue Generator!

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Organizations with Contact Centers are in an enviable position – each and every day, they gather customer data that is constantly refreshed and upgraded.  When you think about it, they are getting a steady stream of new information from an unbiased focus group.

This data – both individualized as well as aggregated – provides the organization with verifiable truths. Detailed research is now at their fingertips… there is no longer a need for marketing ( jokes!), the organization need only look at its own ‘real world’ data.

The question is, does the organization really listen?

And if it does, what will it do with these customer provided insights?

Used properly, organizations can transform the customer experience, elevating it to new levels. Once analyzed, this information can become the basis for the organization to propose solutions to the customer, in real-time, that have the highest probability of resolving that customer’s specific issue(s)…..

…. thereby ultimately enabling them to deliver satisfaction levels never before attained.

Such an approach can then drive increased customer loyalty (and better NPS scores) while ultimately resulting in more sustainable revenue growth – all with the same tools that organizations have had on-hand forever.

But now, they can be used more precisely to drive significantly improved results.

Drop by kiosk #507 and we’ll show you how Enghouse Interactive can improve your Customer Experience (CX) and help you increase your revenue generation capabilities by using the industry’s most reliable Contact Center solutions.

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