Quality Assurance Software Suite

Balancing the goals of the business and the customer is a difficult and ever changing task. To help organizations to provide consistent, quality of service while remaining profitable and efficient.

Enghouse Interactive provides a range of workforce and business optimization tools which include call and screen recording, speech analytics, workforce management, performance metrics, score cards, cost analysis and reporting tools which are highly scalable and modular enabling you to choose the level of complexity that meets your requirements for continuous performance improvement.

Interaction Recording

Call interaction recording is critical technology for any customer facing business. Recordings of calls between customer service representatives and customers from actual conversations can be used to train staff, monitor and evaluate staff performance, and to gain important insights into opportunities to improve company operations.

Enghouse provides call recording options to accommodate any number of agents and any size budget, ranging from simple solutions for small to mid-size businesses up to several enterprise-grade tiers of service.

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Release Highlights

With more information flowing through a contact center in a single day than any other part of the business, it is critical to document these customer interactions and evaluate agent activity to optimize performance and increase service levels.


of customers will never do business with you again as a result of poor customer service

Delivering high-quality customer service is key to developing a strong brand reputation. In our recent survey, 60% of respondents said that they have stopped doing business with a brand after poor customer service. The benefits are clear for businesses to focus their efforts on delivering superior customer service.


  • Achieve regulatory compliance by documenting calls while securing and maintaining records
  • Ensure high quality customer interactions with live monitoring and quality monitoring programs
  • Improve customer experience by sharing recordings and feedback across the organization
  • Secure sensitive customer information by allowing employees to pause recordings
  • Accelerate employee training with ‘real-life’ calls and monitoring
  • Unobtrusively and efficiently monitor and train agents
  • Provide an audit trail for security
  • Enhance workplace productivity by observing business processes, including calling scripts, in action
Enghouse Interactive -Brand Values: Why Customer Interaction Matters. Quality and Control

42% of customers base their decision solely on a organization’s reputation, therefore the quality of service is very important

"By combining call recording with complementary training, we wanted to ensure staff performance was continuously reviewed and optimized, while introducing new techniques to help them improve.”

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Enghouse Quality Management Suite

Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite offers the tools necessary to improve your business. Comprised of call recording, agent evaluation, and desktop recording software and real-time speech analytics, the suite is the ideal tool for emerging contact centers or business who wish to improve performance.

Are you looking for a way to improve customer service and employee productivity without a high price-tag? Do you have the right tools in place to achieve regulatory compliance or to quickly resolve customer disputes?

Enghouse Interactive Call Recording is an affordable, feature-rich call recording solution that is utilized by businesses of all sizes across the world for compliance, security or improving service levels. And it is a preferred call recording product for many of our resellers because it is so easy to sell, install and support

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Imagine a virtual coach that helps your agents say exactly the right things, in the right way, on every call, and respond correctly to your customers in any given situation. Imagine how this would help you increase customer satisfaction, maximize business opportunities, boost your employee’s motivation, and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

With Enghouse Interactive’s Real-Time Speech Analytics solution, you have a tool that does just that

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Equip your employees to deliver better customer experiences through quality monitoring and agent coaching with agent evaluation software. Employees will benefit from feedback and training utilizing live customer calls and objective feedback mechanisms. Deliver objective employee evaluations, coach employees for improved success, and track performance improvements over time, consistent customer experiences and ensure high customer satisfaction.

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It’s a balancing act – Staffing can be one of the biggest challenges when managing a contact center. Too many advisors can result in higher operating costs whereas too few can lead to unhappy customers. Workforce management software allows you to accurately forecast call volumes, leverage flexible scheduling processes, provide real-time adherence data, and produce reports that measure performance – ensuring the right balance between resources and costsistent customer experiences and ensure high customer satisfaction.

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Measure customer satisfaction and motivate agents to improve performance being received and gain an accurate picture of customer satisfaction. Offer after call surveys to your customers so you receive direct feedback on service and drive results back into your contact center to improve performance.

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