Maintain High Levels of Performance and Quality

Business agility is more important than ever; having accurate information to help make well-informed decisions is vital to your business strategies. However, to really improve performance and quality you need to address this in real time to ensure it does not result in bad service.

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer business intelligence across your entire operations from monitoring, reporting and live dashboards, through to quality management tools to help you look further into performance and quality.

More Than Just Call Recording

Traditionally, most businesses focus on collecting quantitative customer contact metrics by measuring statistics related to call handling. These measurements are widely accepted across the industry and typically the business will have invested significant sums in this. These figures invariably become the major indicator to business performance. However, using this approach means there are significant limitations to quality management.

Make sure you look at the whole process of how you monitor and improve the quality and performance of your operations.


  • Resolve customer disputes to reduce frustration
  • Achieve regulatory compliance to ensure that you are safe in your activities
  • Ensure high quality customer service to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Enhance workplace productivity and accelerate employee training for quicker time to market
  • Get accurate information to make well informed decisions in line with your business goals

87% Investing in More Than Just Voice Recording

Contact Babel studies have consistently shown that increasing customer satisfaction is a key focus for contact centers. With 87% saying that Interaction recording (comprising voice, text-based and screen recording) is one of the most important contact center requirements as it out performs other key areas such as decreasing costs or increasing sales.

Traditionally quality management was focused on recording calls and monitoring, but technology now enables dramatic improvements to this process. With new analytics capabilities, voice, screen and text-based recordings can be analyzed to increase the level of quality assurance, extract deeper business insight, and improve compliance, security and agent training.

Select the Right Quality Management Option for your Business

It’s important that any quality management system can cope with today’s requirements as well as tomorrow’s for example, future changes in the law or industry codes of practice. These pointers can help you choose the right type of quality and control system for your business.

Metrics often only reflect the performance of the automated call distribution (ACD) technology deployed and the processes built round it, rather than the actual quality of the service delivered. This can lead to management ‘by and for’ the numbers, rather than focusing on the key business driver of delivering enhanced customer satisfaction.

Businesses today need to do much more than claim they are compliant with regulations and delivering a quality service, they need to prove it. Equally, where there are issues, they need to proactively address them.

Enghouse Call Recording adheres to compliance and security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPPA, MIPPA and SAS-70, and can reliable form part of an organisation’s compliance framework. Additionally, the call recorder and associated real-time speech analytics solution, provides powerful tools for investigating non-compliance.”

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Business intelligence, both historical and in real-time can help shape the way your customers interact with you. Gain insight into customer interactions – what’s working and what’s not. Find out if your employees, operator and customers are getting the full benefit of your new communications system.

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By combining call recording with complementary training, we wanted to ensure staff performance was continuously reviewed and optimized, while introducing new techniques to help them improve.

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Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite

Customer service is the strategic hub of any organization. More information flows through a reception, helpdesk, and call center in a single day than any other part of the business. Investing in your staff through training and quality monitoring programs, can positively impact your business and fine tune call center operations.

With the right tools you can resolve customer disputes, accelerate employee training, and automate manual processes.

Innovative speech analysis technology allows organizations to monitor and improve conversations in real time, as well as evaluate call recordings. The solution analyzes agent and customer speech to provide live feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said, and how it is being said. It monitors stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence, all while the call is in progress.

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Enghouse Interaction Recording ensures businesses have a reliable solution designed to help with resolving customer disputes, complying with regulatory and legal requirements, increasing employee productivity, and improving customer service. Multiple communication media types can be recorded including audio, agent desktop (screen recording) and text-based communications such as email, IM and webchat. The Call Recorder features a web-based user interface that is designed for ease-of-use and simplicity. Authorized users can view the status of users in real-time, silently monitor calls, and set triggers for call recording. Calls can be recorded full-time, or using pre-defined rules. Agents and supervisors can also start recording on-demand whilst a call is in progress.

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Equip your agents to deliver better customer experiences through quality monitoring and agent coaching with our agent evaluation software. Employees will benefit from feedback and training utilizing live customer calls and objective feedback mechanisms. Flexible scorecard templates allow you to tailor your quality assurance program to your business needs. Deliver objective employee evaluations, coach employees for improved success, and track performance improvements over time.

Text analytics works across text-based recordings and audio transcriptions to provide a complete cross-channel view of the key topics raised by customers when interacting with your business. These insights provide business intelligence to help quickly identify opportunities and risks, and to provide actionable analysis of trending topics over time.

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All our solutions provide real-time reporting of all activities via the highly customizable, widget-based Dashboard;enabling supervisors and administrators to easily create, view and share reports anywhere via a browser and keeping them informed.
Historical reporting tools enable effective monitoring and control of operations because they are based on rich, real-time and historical data. This provides a solid, quantitative foundation for making decisions and modifications in real-time or over a period of time.

Workforce Management encompasses all that you need to optimize staffing and customer service across your enterprise. Our complete solution supports optimization of your contact center, back-office and even your branches and stores. Workforce Management provides everything necessary to effectively manage your staff, forecast demand, automatically create schedules, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve your overall customer service operation.

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