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It’s an understatement to say that 2020 was a year of huge change everywhere. Due to the pandemic we’ve seen major shifts in the contact centre, with existing trends such as remote working accelerating and customer needs changing dramatically. In this post, we highlight some of the key developments of last year in a review of our top blogs from 2020.

1. Optimising for contact centre remote working

With very little advanced warning, the pandemic lockdown forced many companies to quickly switch their customer service teams to work remotely. Thankfully most organisations managed the transition and were able to stay operational, but many only achieved this through short term workarounds. This post discusses four areas to focus on to optimise remote working in the contact centre for the long term.

2. Building a collaborative contact centre through Microsoft Teams

The growth of digital channels and the rise of home working triggered by the pandemic has made communication, collaboration and integration vital to every successful business. This post highlights the reasons why organisations are increasingly connecting their contact centre technology with Microsoft Teams to power collaborative working and communications, and the benefits it delivers.

3. Making contact centres greener and more sustainable

The rapid switch to home working for millions of people, including those who traditionally commuted to contact centres is thought to have led to a fall in CO2  emissions. But how do we sustain these green benefits when things start returning to normal? In this post, we look at how to continue the push for sustainability in customer service while supporting longer-term contact centre home working.

4. Six questions to ask to ensure your Voice of Customer programme delivers results

Customers needs are changing fast – and consumers are also continually becoming more demanding. Understanding and meeting their requirements is key to business success. That’s why more and more companies are implementing or expanding Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes – but how can you ensure that your investment delivers actionable insights. This post highlights six key questions to focus on for VoC success.

5. The rise of the super-agent

With contact centre queries getting more complex, involved, and time-consuming to solve there is increasing demand for ‘super-agents’, who have the skills and experience to solve more complex problems while building empathy with consumers and optimising the overall customer experience. This post discusses the key skills that super-agents need and how to nurture them in your contact centre.

6. Customer service: what you can learn from great business leaders

From Richard Branson’s emphasis on constantly seeking innovative ways to improve service levels, to Bill Gates’ insight that unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning, there’s a great deal that top business leaders can teach today’s customer service teams. Part of a three-part series covering the sayings of great thinkers and historical figures, this post from the Eptica blog highlights ten important quotes from modern business leaders and what customer service teams can learn from them.

7. The importance of self-service for greater customer satisfaction

Today’s customers want the control and reassurance of using web or telephone self-service to access information and find answers to their queries themselves, 24 hours a day, without having to wait. How can you deliver this and what are the wider benefits? In this post, we explore the four major advantages that self-service provides to consumers, businesses and their employees, as well as looking at the future impact of technologies such as 5G and AI.

8. The impact of knowledge on current customer satisfaction

During the pandemic and beyond, knowledge has been vital to delivering seamless, reassuring customer service by enabling contact centres to provide fast, accurate and consistent information to resolve customer queries. This post explains five key findings from the Eptica 2020 Knowledge Studywhich investigated the customer experience of knowledge in the COVID-19 era.

Just as in every other year, 2021 will bring new opportunities and fresh challenges for customer service teams. We look forward to sharing some of these hot topics with you in the year ahead.

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