Enterprise-ready features include new reporting infrastructure, archiving, and integration with network resources

Enghouse Interactive today released version 4.3 of the CallRex Quality Management Suite. Designed for businesses seeking affordable quality assurance solutions for their IP telephony, version 4.3 includes a new reporting infrastructure, enhanced archiving functionality, cradle-to-grave interaction capture, Active Directory integration, and new support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization server.

“The 4.3 release of the CallRex Quality Management Suite represents our most aggressive effort to strengthen the feature set to provide added value to our existing, long-term customer base at no additional cost and to build a solution for continued growth into new global markets,” said Bruce Sherman, product manager at Enghouse Interactive, in a statement. “We are committed to continuing our innovation of the CallRex Quality Management Suite and are excited to share the expanded enterprise functionality of our product line.”

CallRex Quality Management Suite contains a customizable dashboard interface that provides companies with improved business insights, generating reports on important business metrics including total talk time, number of calls by agent, or the busiest times for calls by area code, prefix, or DNIS. Reports can be automatically created and emailed to line of business managers or exported in a variety of file formats.

CallRex Quality Management Suite now offers two user authentication methods allowing administrators to integrate authentication with their Active Directory or enabling unique CallRex login credentials. Administrators can import users from Active Directory, streamlining the user set-up within the CallRex Quality Management Suite. Additionally, CallRex Quality Management Suite now supports Microsoft’s Hyper-V, allowing organizations to maximize their investments in virtualization tools and transitions to the cloud.

Administrators will benefit from improved archiving functionality, enabling them to archive recordings by a specific date or schedule when a specified amount of data storage has accumulated, or based on the agent assigned to the interaction.

CallRex Quality Management Suite offers multiple recording options, including full-time, triggered and on-demand recording. In version 4.3, managers and administrators can track an interaction from cradle to grave, with visual cues in the interface connecting independent conversations for customer interactions that have been transferred between agents.

In July, access to this latest release will be automatically available to all customers with an active CallRex Platinum Support Plan.

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