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Benefit from Quick ROI Using Enghouse UC or Microsoft Teams

Even before the pandemic impacted organizations around the globe, successful companies were focused on enabling their employees through greater collaboration, communications, and technology.

Their objective was and still is, to increase operational flexibility, productivity, and enhance the ability to innovate across both hybrid and on-site environments.

The acceleration of hybrid environments has made simplifying and increasing collaboration a business-critical requirement for every organization. As we have seen across a wide range of our recent deployments, integrating Unified Communications (UC) either Enghouse UC or Microsoft Teams, with the Contact Center (CC) plays a significant role in breaking down departmental silos and enabling companies to work in a more agile and effective way.

In a hybrid working environment, it is increasingly more important that the Contact Center be seen as foundational to the organization’s evolution and its ability to respond to new business realities and customer experience (CX) expectations.

Organizations that adopt leading-edge collaboration tools, will benefit from a more unified approach that enables agents to work more efficiently with all colleagues, to better serve their customers, while driving increased productivity across the whole organization.

Integrating UC and CC Enhances and Quickly Optimizes Existing Workflows

A key imperative is to ensure that the technology chosen enhances existing workflows and facilitates their incremental improvement and optimization. A good user experience is essential to increasing job appeal, as well as improving productivity and performance.

The 5 Key Areas where Unified Communications Delivers Contact Center ROI

Measurable Improvements

UC increases productivity by providing a unified interface for agents, avoiding the need to access multiple systems or search for information when talking to customers. Agents can handle significantly more customer interactions.

  • Companies using a fully integrated UC+CC infrastructure have seen a 52.8% increase in revenues Metrigy
  • Achieve a 50% agent productivity improvement by using unified communications Aberdeen
  • Decrease call handling time by 9x Aberdeen
  • A 250-seat contact Center could save 1.1 to 8 hours per user week = 275 to 2,000 hours TEI

Clear, Secure Communications

An integrated UC + CC approach provides a unified platform for high-quality communications, from messaging and chat to audio and video. It increases communications and collaboration security, and ensures compliance and privacy, regardless of where employees are located.

  • High-quality audio reduces the need for repetition, saving equivalent to $404,169 per year CB
  • 88% of those that have adopted UC, report improved security TEI
  • A unified platform simplifies security as standardized and continually optimized policies can be applied and centrally managed for all UC and CC apps TT

Seamless and Intuitive Collaboration

Agents can immediately communicate with colleagues and subject matter experts from across the organization benefiting from Presence indicators, to get answers quickly – even while on the phone.

  • A saving of nine minutes per front line staff per day by collaborating across a 250-seat contact center, creates an additional 187.5 working hours per week across the workforce TEI
  • Using UC reduces decision making time by 7% due to faster access to info TEI
  • Of successful organizations, 61.5% use the full UC collaboration stack to improve organization cooperation, with 31.5% currently using voice Metrigy
  • Incorporating UC capabilities within the contact center helps decrease average handle times by 2.9 times more year-over-year (7.9% vs.2.7%) Aberdeen

 Simplified Optimization and Customization

Companies need to constantly innovate and improve their services.  UC platforms typically include APIs to integrate other vendor-developed and third-party applications, which helps deliver optimal experiences.

  • A saving of five minutes per day per front line staff by using UC apps – translates to an efficiency gain of over 100 hours per week for a 250-seat contact center  TEI
  • Integration accelerates innovation – 64% of companies using UC also added  chatbots TEI
  • A 31.1% increase in agent efficiency when using a CC with integrated UC

Improved Experience for Agents, Supervisors and Customers

Quicker access to information results in a better customer experience (CX), while closer collaboration saves time.  Supervisors quickly see available resources, queue status, and relevant KPIs, enabling them to optimize customer service as needed.

  • A 2% lower cost to onboard new agents through improved ease-of-use and a unified interface for organizations with under 2,000 staff TEI
  • A saving of 2 hours per employee per week through improved collaboration with customers and partners TEI
  • 48% of companies said improved technology directly increased their agent morale CB

Improve Agent Engagement and the Customer Experience Through Integration

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